Applet Item Type Video Demos

The following videos are encoded using the Windows Media 9 codec, you can play them using Windows Media Player 9 or later.

Videos Made By Ivan Fillipov

Chemistry Sample 1 (Size:19.2MB)

Chemistry Sample 2 (Size:12MB)

English Sample 1 (Size:6.24)

Math Sample 1 (Size:12.5MB)

Math Sample 2 (Size:21.8MB)

Social Sample 1 (Size:5.58MB)

Videos Made By Chad Carbert

Chemistry Sample 3 (Size:11.3MB)

English Sample 2 (Size:5.2MB)

English Sample 3 (Size:3.57MB)

English Sample 4 (Size:3.24MB)

Geography Sample 1 (Size:7.05MB)

Math Sample 3 (Size:9.91MB)

Physics Sample 1 (Size:8.08MB)

Scoical Sample 2 (Size:10.7MB)

Scoical Sample 3 (Size:9.39MB)