Date   Topic
July 28, 2008 WISEST MRC Research Presentation and Profile
May 27, 2008 High School Students Open House Demo
May 20, 2008 Dr. Richard Long & Halim Elamy Image-based Tuberculosis Diagnosis Discussion
May 16, 2008 Athabasca University Researchers Discussion on furthering Multimedia-based education
April 8, 2008 Fusion Media Discussion on furthering Multimedia-based education
July 31/Aug 1, 2007 Dr. Claudia Silva
SCI, University of Utah
Research disucssion & invited talk
July 27, 2007 CastleRock Research CROME Project Presentation
July 20, 2007 Erin Ottosen
Writer & Editor
MRC Research web profile interview
July 16, 2007 Ivan Filippov, Chris Kerr, Matthew Wearmouth
Program Coordinators
CS HIP Lunch & Learn Session
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July - August, 2007 Benjamin Gwin
Harry Ainlay High School

Yang Hu
Old Scona Academic High School
CS High School Internship Program
June 22,2007 Saul Rodriguez,Chris Kerr
Computing Science
1. ICME paper presentation: Multimedia Games for Learning and Testing Physics.
2. Multimedia Item Design for Assessing Cognitive Skills.
June 22, 2007 Eastglen High School Collaboration discussion
June 9, 2007 CS Iverson Examination event Project Demo to high school students Photos
May 2, 2007 Castle Rock Education Project discussion: Alberta Curriculum
May 1, 2007 Dr. Jianbo Shi
University of Pennsylvania
iCORE sponsored research talk: Image Segmentation
April 26, 2007 MRC meeting Project 2006 review and 2007 target
April 25, 2007 Elk Island High School Computing Science Department Outreach event-MRC demos 
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Mar 7, 2007 Calvin Li
Director, Bussiness Development
Castle Rock Research Corp
Talk: What does Castle Rock want to test with Innovative Item Types
Mar 14, 2007   Visit from Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l'Alberta society (AJFAS)
Jan 31, 2007 Dr Randy Goebel Talk: The Role of AI in the CROME Project
Jan 19, 2007   Visit from High school teachers/Media
December 19, 2006 VP, Castle Rock Research Current Implementation of CAT
November 22, 2006 UofA Gateway Maganize Interview
November 16, 2006   iCORE Chair (Multimedia Research Center) Launch
November 16, 2006 Dr. Irene Cheng
Computing Science
CAT & 2AFC: A user study based on perceptual experiments
September 28,2006 Dr. Anup Basu
Computing Science
Multimedia Research in CROME
August 9, 2006 Dr. Mark Gierl
Educational Psychology
Introduction on Computer Adaptive Testing
July/August, 2006   Summer Internship Program:
  Ivan Filippov - Leduc Composite High G12
  Michael Stadnyk - Jasper Place Composite High G12
July 12, 2006 Dr. Walter Bischof
Computing Science
Assessment of Multimedia Content