Welcome to the Multimedia Research Centre (MRC)


Our research centre actively conducts state-of-the-art projects in computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, image processing and perceptual factors that promote unrestricted access to R&D opportunities and advances in multimedia technology. Multimedia Research Centre (MRC) provides a collaborative environment for dedicated and self-motivated students to enhance their skill sets via exchanging creativity and experience with not only other MRC members but also researchers in other world class research groups.

Join MRC

Applicants to the graduate program in our Computing Science Department are always welcome, and you are invited to join the following research activities conducted in MRC. Our students carry out applied research with focus on:

Intelligent Multimedia Analysis & Processing
Multimedia Data Mining, Classification and Recognition
Online and Mobile Multimedia Education
Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing
Augmented Reality
Scientific and Medical Data Visualization
Human Factors, Perceptual Analysis and User Studies

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Computing Science Center (CSC) 2-25, Department of Computing Science

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada