Last updated: September 4, 2008

CSC 2-25
P: 780-492-8028

Welcome to the Multimedia Research Centre (MRC)

Our research centre actively conducts state-of-the-art projects in computer vision, computer graphics, image processing and perceptual factors that promote unrestricted access to education and advances in biomedical technology.

Multimedia Research Centre (MRC) provides a collaborative environment for dedicated and self-movtivated students to enhance their skill sets via exchanging research experience with only only other MRC members but also researchers in other world class research groups.

Applicants to the graduate program in our Computing Science Department are always welcome, and you are invited to join the following research activities conducted in MRC. Our students carry out applied research with focus on:

  • Online and mobile multimedia education:
    goal-oriented collaborative framework for online education
    adaptive learning and testing
    student modeling and personalization
    advanced HCI in learning technology
  • Computer Graphics:
    3D Modeling
    large scale outdoor 3D scene processing and visualization
    3D model similarity match
    level-of-detail and skeletonization
    compression and transmission
  • Computer Vision:
    Advanced techniques in 3DTV
    stereo calibration and imaging
    multi-viewpoints display
  • Augmented reality:
    Video tracking and graphics animation
  • Scientific and medical data visualization:
    N-dimensional texture synthesis
    simulation-based education,
    e.g. surgical training and planning
  • Human factors, perceptual analysis and user studies:
    just-noticeable-difference and visual impact
    texture scaling
    LOD evaluation
  • Image Processing:
    medical image segmentation for TB detection and brain MRI analysis
    shape from shading

We can be reached at:

Computing Science Center (CSC) 2-25
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: 780-492-8028

To learn more about our team and our research projects, click the buttons at the top.

Global development through knowledge sharing.
- Dr. Anup Basu, iCORE-NSERC Research Chair
Success is attributable to both individual efforts and team support.
- Dr. Irene Cheng, Scientific Director
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