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CSC 2-25
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May 31, 2011: CS Inverson Day Lab tours

Apr 19, 2011: Meeting with Tsuut'ina Institute members - Tsuutina Language project

Feb 3, 2011: Chinese New Year lunch. View Photo of this event.

Jan 31, 2011: Visit from Tsuut'ina Institute members

Dec 11, 2010: CS Education Day – demos and hands on animation session

Aug 25, 2010: Invited to EBA visualization demo

Aug 24, 2010: Demos for junior/high school students

Aug 18, 2010: CS Lab tours for Info Tech/CompSci students from Japan

Aug 10, 2010: Meeting 3DI Edmonton visitors to discuss CS courses collaboration opportunities

June 15, 2010: Convocation of Dr. Tao Wang. View Photo of this event.

Jun 1, 2010: CS Inverson Day Lab tours

May 27, 2010: Amiskiwaciy Science Club students Lab Tour

May 25, 2010: Computing Science Inverson Exam Students Lab Tour

Apr 23, 2010: Visit Cross Cancer Institute, Dr. Gino Fallone's Research Institute

Apr 8, 2010: Dr. Reena Talwar, University of Toronto - lab tour, research discussions and student demos

Feb 18, 2010: WIT Workshop - hands on animation session

Feb 2, 2010: Invited Talk: Earch Science Applications (Nigel Goldup, P.Eng, eba Edmonton)

Dec 9, 2009: Invited Talk: Seizures and Epilepsy (Dr. S. Nizam Ahmed, Clinical Neurophysiology Lab., UA Hospital)

Nov 28, 2009: WISEST SET Conference - hands on animation session

Oct 17, 2009: Lab Tours for CS Open House

Sep 30, 2009: IEEE NCS EMBS Chapter BioMedical Workshop Research Demos

Sep 9, 2009: Lab Tours for CS New Grad Student Orientation Event

Aug 28, 2009: MITACS Project Demo to Alberta Agricultural Divsion (N-Dimensional Visualization Interface by Nathaniel)

Aug 20-22, 2009: iCORE Summit 2009 in Banff

Aug 12, 2009: CS Summer Camp - 3D Stereo & Educational Items/Games Demo

Aug 7, 2009: "Super Science" demo - visit from Osaka Tennoji high school

Aug 5, 2009: CS Summer Camp - 3DsMax demo and hands-on

Jul 29, 2009: CS Summer Camp - 3DsMax demo and hands-on

Jul 27, 2009: Presentation from Dr. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, India Statistics Institute

Jul 13, 2009: Presentation from Dr. Pham Minh-Tu, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Lyon, France

Jul 7, 2009: Computing Science High School Internship Program (HIP) Seminar

Jun 27, 2009: IEEE NCS BBQ at Victoria Part

Jun 17, 2009: Student research presentations to Alberta Health Services

Jun 15, 2009: Presentation and Demo: Karla Hopp from Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon

May 26, 2009: Present Animation Theatre to about 70 Inverson Exam High School students

Apr 20, 2009: Research discussion - Yang Wang (PhD Candidate from SFU)

Apr 8/15, 2009: MRC Outreach - Presentation of Graphics and Animations (3DsMAX) at Harry Ainlay High School

Mar 24, 2009: Seminar at Alberta Food Safety Division

Mar 20, 2009: Demo to Karen Booth from MITACS

Feb 13, 2009: 3D Stereo and Multi-view demos to cmput399 students

Feb 3/4/5, 2009: Seminars/Demos/Research Discussions with Anthony Maeder, UWS.

January 9, 2009: Lab tour with Eastglen High School students.

December 3/4, 2008: Lab tour with Lluis Vicent, Director of LaSalle.

November 24, 2008: Lecture/tour with Eric Grimson, MIT.

November 21, 2008: Lab tour with CMPUT 603 class from 3:00PM - 3:50PM.

September 22, 2008: Research discussion with Dr. Larry Davis from the University of Maryland's Department of Computer Science.

August 26, 2008: MRC Research Presentation and Profile to Junior High/High School students

July 28, 2008: MRC Research Presentation and Profile to WISEST.

May 27, 2008: Open House demo to high school students.

May 20, 2008: Discussion on Image-based Tuberculosis Diagnosis by Dr. Richard Long and Halim Elamy

May 16, 2008: Discussion on furthering Multimedia-based education by Athabasca University researchers.

April 8, 2008: Discussion on furthering Multimedia-based education by Fusion Media.

July 31 - August 1, 2007: Research discussion and invited talk by Dr. Claudio Silva of SCI, University of Utah.

July 27, 2007: CROME Project presentation to CastleRock Research

July 20, 2007: MRC Research web profile interview by Erin Ottosen, Writer and Editor

July 16, 2007: CS HIP Lunch and Learn Session by Program Coordinators Ivan Filippov, Chris Kerr, and Matthew Wearmouth.  View photos and videos of this event.

July - August, 2007: CS High School Internship Program. Interns this year are Benjamin Gwin from Harry Ainlay High School and Yang Hu from Old Scona Academic High School.

June 22, 2007:
ICME paper presentation on Multimedia Games for Learning and Testing Physics by Saul Rodriguez, and Multimedia Item Design for Assessing Cognitive Skills by Chris Kerr.
There is also a collaboration discussion with Eastglen High School.

June 9, 2007: Project demo to high school students during the CS Iverson Examination event. View photos.

May 2, 2007: Education Project discussion on Alberta Curriculum by Castle Rock.

May 1, 2007: Dr. Jianbo Shi of the University of Pennsylvania will give an iCORE sponsored research talk on Image Segmentation.

April 26, 2007: MRC meeting for Project 2006 review and 2007 target.

April 25, 2007: MRC demos to Elk Island High School during the Computing Science Department Outreach event.  View photos and videos of this event.

March 7, 2007: Calvin Li, Director, Business Development of Castle Rock Research Group will give a talk on "What does Castle Rock want to test with Innovative Item Types?"

March 14, 2007: Visit from Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l'Alberta society (AJFAS).

January 31, 2007: Dr. Randy Goebel will give a talk on "The Role of AI in the CROME Project."

January 19, 2007: Visit from High school teachers/Media.

December 19, 2006: VP, Castle Rock Research will discuss the current implementation of CAT.

November 22, 2006: Intervew by U of A Gateway.

November 16, 2006:
iCORE Chair (Multimedia Research Center) Launch.
CAT & 2AFC: A user study based on perceptual experiments by Dr. Irene Cheng, Department of Computing Science.

September 28, 2006: Multimedia Research in CROME by Dr. Anup Basu, Department of Computing Science.

August 9, 2006: Introduction on Computer Adaptive Testing by Dr. Mark Gierl, Educational Psychology.

July/August, 2006: Summer internship program. This year's interns are Ivan Filippov of Leduc Composite High School (Grade 12) and Michael Stadnyk of Jasper Place Composite High School (Grade 12).

July 12, 2006: Assessment of Multimedia Content by Dr. Walter Bischof, Department of Computing Science.

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